South Briar Garbage & Recycling Info


If your trash or recycling was missed or you have a trash or recycling question,
please contact Texas Pride directly at
281-342-8178 or

  • Garbage is picked up twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays:

                Monday:  Regular Pickup

                Thursday: Regular Pickup, Heavy Trash Pickup & Recycling Pickup

  • Collection starts at 7:00 a.m. and should be completed by 6:00 p.m.   
  • Put trash cans by garage or designated back door area. Do not take to curb.
  • If cans are kept behind a gate, help the collectors by leaving the gate ajar or placing a sign on the gate. 
  • All trash must be in cans and bags. Cans should be between 20 and 96 gallons in capacity and have a tight fitting lid.  Can and contents cannot exceed 50 pounds.
  • Bag weight cannot exceed 45 pounds.
  • Yard Waste

    Yard waste should be bagged or placed in cans not exceeding 50 pounds.  Bagged yard waste should be placed curbside.  Branches should be placed curbside tied and bundled measuring no more than 4' x 4' x 4' and under 50 pounds. Limit 8 bundles per service day.
  • Heavy Trash & Bulk Waste
        Texas Pride Disposal will collect two heavy trash/bulk items per service day.  Items include furniture, appliances, carpeting
        (tied and bundled), fencing (nails removed, tied and bundled under 4' in length), and other items not disposed of
        regularly.  Items should be curbside.        
  • All debris produced by hired workman should be removed by them.
  • Garbage pickup is suspended on certain holidays as listed below.  Collection will resume on the next scheduled pick up day.
  •  Items Excluded from Regular Collection
  • The following items cannot be collected: dirt, rocks, brick, concrete, liquid paints, fuels, oils,tires, pesticides, fertilizer, and batteries.  Please contact us to discuss solutions for proper disposal of these items.                                                                                                                            

Holiday Schedule

Texas Pride Disposal observes four holidays:
New Year's Day               Independence Day               Thanksgiving Day           Christmas Day 

In the event that your service day falls on a holiday, collection will resume on the next regularly scheduled collection day.                          

Recycle Right with Texas Pride Disposal

Follow the collection guidelines below to properly recycle.                        

Service Days and Hours:

Collection every Thursday.  Service hours may change with new provider.                    

 Collection Guidelines:

·       Place all recyclables in the container provided by Texas Pride Disposal, old recycle bins, or containers clearly labeled RECYCLE.                                                                                           

·       DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLES.  Place recyclables loose in your recycle container.                                                                                             


·       Please rinse cans, jars, jugs, and bottles before placing in your recycle container.

·        Additional containers can be purchased by contacting Texas Pride Disposal.      

          Accepted Recyclable Materials:

          Paper Products (dry)

          Newspaper            Catalogs             Grocery Bags          Soda/Beer Boxes     Junk Mail                Wrapping Paper       
          Egg Cartons          Cardboard Boxes  Magazines              File Folders             Shoe Boxes             Paper Towel Rolls                            Envelopes             Computer Paper Paper                       Phone Books           Waxboard Boxes              

          Plastic Products (rinsed)

          Plastics #1-#7   Bleach/Detergent Containers       Milk/Juice Bottles              Household Cleaner Containers 
          Soda/Water Bottles     Plastic Flower Pots             Shampoo/Soap Bottles       Microwave Dinner Trays                                                              

          Metal Products (rinsed)

          Soda/Juice/Beer Cans       Pie Trays          Canned Food Cans          Metal Jar Lids       Pet Food Cans        Pots & Pans                      Aluminum Foil                  Aerosol Cans                                                 

          Glass Products (rinsed)

          Soda Bottles           Wine Bottles           Beer Bottles            Jars                                 

          Commonly Mistaken Unacceptable Items - Place these in TRASH

          Plastic Bags            Styrofoam               Ceramics                Mirrors              Soiled Pizza Boxes   Coat Hangers  
          Light Bulbs             Paper Towels            Soiled Paper           Soiled Facial Tissue

Contact Texas Pride Disposal
(281) 342-8178
M-Th, 8:00-5:00; F 8:00-4:00