Pickleball Court
We now have Pickleball court lines painted on the “day-time only” tennis courts (located closest to the trails), for your use. If you have a desire to play Pickleball, please complete the Tennis Court Access E-form on the South Briar website in order to accept the guidelines for court use and obtain the passcode for access to the courts.

This link will also give you information on how to play this fun game:

Hope you find time to try out this sport.

Tennis Court Gate Access
The South Briar Tennis Courts now have a new gate locking system that will no longer utilize a key, but rather a coded gate. This is being done to prevent those that should not have a key (residents that have moved out of the community, keys that have been copied and given to those that should not have the keys, etc.) as well as allow gate code changes to be implemented much quicker and more conveniently for residents.

In order to gain access to the tennis courts, each homeowner/resident will need to access the website at and login to their account.

You will need your login and password, if you do not remember it, please complete the forgot password, or register and one will be sent to you. Once logged into the website, complete the E-Form titled Tennis Court Access. This is a waiver, terms and conditions and rules and regulations for tennis court use.

Once you have completed and submitted this E-form, the code will immediately be provided to you. If you want future updates and changes to the code, you will need to update your Subscriptions on your South Briar website account to include “Tennis Court Announcements”.

Thank you for your understanding and we are hopeful this new process will work easily for those residents who should be utilizing the courts.